Blue Tides Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte

Sire: Blue Tides Bonnie Prince Bruce

Dam: Rockcastle's Talullah of Blue Tide

Birthdate 07/30/2016 

Charlotte will be entering into our breeding program fall 2018. We will hope to have lovely brown pups from her.

She is CHIC certified for Heart, no congenital anomolies. Cystinurea Clear by parentage

xrays Patellas (Knees) normal OFA

Preliminary OFA Xrays

HIPS "Good"and Elbows "Neg for dysplasia

Final OFA 12/08/2018 Hips "good"

Blue Tides Mi-O-Maya

Birthdate 03/14/2019

Sire: Blue Tide's Bonnie Prince Bruce

Dam: Black Watch Murdina

Entering Breeding Program Spring 2021 pending  OFA clearances for Hips, Elbows, Knees and Heart

Mother: Black Watchs Murdina

Sire: Blue Tide's Bonnie Prince Bruce

Maya at 7.5 months

Rockcastle Talullah of Blue Tide

7/2013-01/2018 Rainbow bridge

OFA clear Heart, Elbows and Patellas

Cystinurea DNA clear



OFA Hips Good Elbows normal

Heart Certified

Cystinurea DNA Clear

DNA Black/Black

Retired from breeding 2016 

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